Acoustic panels – for quiet working and living

Noise protection is both occupational health and safety and quality of life. With Silenti acoustic panels made of acoustic non-woven fabric, you can reduce acoustic sources of interference in every frequency range in your home and office. Our acoustic panels do not contain any harmful substances, are UV-resistant, flame-retardant, tear-resistant and break-resistant.

We at Silenti bring peace to your everyday life with our acoustic panels. We make noisy spaces quieter and ensure harmonious acoustics in living and working areas. You can effectively and instantly reduce airborne sound and reverberation thanks to our acoustic elements.

We will be happy to customise your acoustic panels to suit your requests and requirements! Just get in touch with us.

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How do Silenti acoustic panels work

Silenti acoustic panels reduce airborne noise by absorbing sounds and noise. Listening to music, talking to family and friends, watching TV or simply eating dinner – these are all normal everyday things. But these things generate noise and, especially in modern furnished offices and homes, this noise hits hard surfaces. Glass, concrete and wood reflect the sound and it bounces through the air like a ping-pong ball, creating reverberation and gradually increasin a permanent background noise.

Physically, noise is a mechanical sound wave made of compressed air waves. Sound is generated when components vibrate or come into contact with each other. Our acoustic panels absorb sound. The sound waves penetrate the elements’ fine fibres and get lost in the non-woven fabric. Sound insulation from Silenti converts sound energy into minimal forms of heat energy thus creating silence.

Application areas for acoustic panels

Sound insulation at home is extremely important. Acoustic panels also make a significant contribution to the quality of well-being within a home by intercepting low frequencies and high-pitched tones.

Typical applications for acoustic panels are sound optimisation in private, but also all kinds of commercial spaces: stairwells, airspaces, open plan living and dining rooms as well as kitchens, studies at home and offices where several employees work together and make phone calls, treatment rooms, sound studios, music studios and home cinemas.

Professionally installed, our acoustic panels absorb low and very high frequencies. The acoustic non-woven fabric reduces reverberation and makes the bass more pleasant and richer.

Silenti Schallabsorber CubeLevel im Tonstudio

The material fits perfect as an acoustic panel for home cinemas or as sound insulation for gaming rooms. Silenti acoustic panels let you enjoy films and games undisturbed.

Due to their muting effect, they are suitable wherever non-specific noise may occur. Typical areas of application for these acoustic panels are:

Acoustic panels made of sustainable PES non-woven fabric

Silenti uses pollutant-free PES non-woven fabric for its acoustic panels. Other acoustic panels often consist of open-cell acoustic foams or closed-cell foams that are often produced using chemical processes. The sound absorption capacity of these f materials is usually optimised by a special surface treatment (structure, embossing or lamination).

In contrast our acoustic panels are made of pure PES non-woven fabric with millions of tiny pores. The sound wave hits the non-woven fabric and penetrates the material. In doing so, it stimulates the individual fibres to vibrate, creating friction when the sound energy is converted into minimal amounts of heat energy. The sound wave can no longer escape from the fleece, it gets lost in the three-dimensional labyrinth, which reduces the reverberation. As a result, the acoustic panels make the space quieter and more pleasant for people.

Absolutely safe, sustainable sound insulation

With Silenti acoustic panels, you get high-quality products from environmentally friendly and ecological production. At the same time, we guarantee your safety as our sound insulation is flame retardant according to B1 DIN/EN-13501. Thanks to the sustainable production chain, the acoustic panels also do not contain any harmful substances and are 100% recyclable. The material is odourless, allergy-friendly, UV-stable and carries the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX label.

Large selection of acoustic panel products

You can get almost all of our decorative acoustic panels in the colours white, anthracite and light grey. If you would like to set colourful accents with your acoustic solutions, it is worth taking a look at our Colour Line. The wide range of colours and designs turns the acoustic panels into a valuable design element.

We always recommend installing several acoustic panels for the best result. You can easily find out how many you need for sustainably improved acoustics using our cubic metre space formula. We will also be happy to advise you in person.

Find your acoustic panel shape

  • Circle: Round acoustic panels in various diameters for installing on walls and ceilings.
  • Square: Square acoustic panels for the ceiling or wall to reduce reverberation and noise.
  • Strips: Acoustic strip panels for installing on wall surfaces. The number of strips defines the panel width and can be selected to suit the circumstances and space conditions.
  • Rectangles: Sound insulation in a modern rectangular shape. The acoustic element can be ordered in several sizes and is suitable for installing on walls and ceilings.
  • Clouds: Acoustic clouds for installing on wall surfaces and ceilings, ideal for children’s rooms, kindergartens or day care centres.
  • Slopes: Three-dimensional, highly effective acoustic panel design for installing on wall surfaces. The decorative wall acoustic panel has a modular design and consists of several individual elements. There are 3 different formats with several diagonally cut levels (slopes) that can be mounted on the wall in both portrait and landscape format.
Silenti Schallabsorber Circle in Anthrazit, Weiß, Hellgrau
Silenti Schallabsorber CubeLevel im Wohnzimmer
  • CubeLevel: Three-dimensional, highly effective acoustic panel design for the wall. The wall acoustic panel has a modular design and consists of several individual elements. An element consists of several cubes that are arranged in 3 different levels.
  • Diffusorber: Three-dimensional, highly effective acoustic panel in different sizes, for mounting on wall surfaces. The Diffusorber is an acoustic absorber and diffuser in one. This means that it absorbs sound and redirects it in the room. The combination of 3 different material thicknesses in one acoustic element creates a large surface area. As a result, the Silenti Diffusorber delivers superior sound reduction.
  • Office Line: The sound-insulated phone box and sound-absorbing pinboard ideally complement office spaces and workplaces. The phone box offers a retreat for undisturbed telephone calls or video calls. The pinboard creates calm at your own workplace and is also suitable for pinning important documents, reminder notes or pictures to. Suitable pins are also included in the supply.
  • Colour Line: Round acoustic panels in a colourful design as a practical set of nine and in different sizes.

You have found your shape, but would like to convince yourself of the texture and quality of our material first? Then order our sample box with Silenti acoustic non-woven fabric in the standard colours white, anthracite and light grey. This gives you a first impression of the high-quality texture and accurate look of the edges.

Cubic metre space formula
The result is a guide value for the required acoustic panel area in sqm


Das Ergebnis ist ein Richtwert für die benötigte Absorber-Fläche in qm.


Das Ergebnis ist ein Richtwert für die benötigte Absorber-Fläche in qm.

Modern acoustic design elements

The acoustic elements can be combined with each other in any way. Thanks to the clear lines and minimalist design, they are subtle, unobtrusive and timeless. As a result, the decorative acoustic panels blend into any interior like a modern work of art and visually enhance your spaces.

For the best sound insulation, we recommend several acoustic panels for the wall or ceiling. This effectively reduces direct and reflected airborne sound.

Easy to install acoustic panels

Silenti acoustic panels are easy to install on walls or ceilings in no time at all without any prior technical knowledge. Choose one of the 3 installation methods for your acoustic panels:

  • Special steel nails (for concrete walls with drill, dowel, screw)
  • Magnetic attachment
  • Wire suspension

The necessary accessories and easy-to-follow installation instructions are included in your delivery so you can arrange and install your acoustic panels yourself. If you want to paint or wallpaper the wall in question at a later date, the panels can be easily removed again.

Silenti Schallabsorber Slopes Wandmontage

Measurement unit for acoustic panels

Sound is measured as sound pressure in decibels. There is another unit of measurement for sound absorption and acoustic panels are divided into sound absorber classes (A/B/C/D etc.). Our products all belong in the highest classes A and B “highly absorbent”.

We will be happy to send you acoustic measurement reports and the acoustic measurements for our acoustic panels by email. You can also find more information in the download area.

Acoustic panels for airborne sound and structure-borne sound

A fundamental distinction is made between airborne sound and structure-borne sound: airborne sound refers to vibrations that are transmitted through the air. There is no obstacle between the person hearing the sound and the sound source.

However, as soon as there is a wall between the sound source and the person hearing the sound, airborne sound becomes structure-borne sound. This causes the wall to vibrate, which absorbs the air behind it and converts it back into sound. The thicker the barrier wall is, the more the sound is muted.

Low-pitched tones transmit more easily through walls and ceilings than high frequencies and are therefore more difficult to absorb. Active sound insulation means reducing a frequency before it can reach the transmitting structure. Acoustically optimised materials such as acoustic panels made of non-woven fabric can absorb the sound and thus reduce reverberation.

Perfect sound insulation for your home

Do you need acoustic panels for the entire room or do you want sound insulation just for the wall? Would you like to improve your office and living spaces with effective and decorative acoustic panels or are you looking for suitable acoustic elements for your workplace?

Discover our wide range of acoustic panels in different shapes and colours for your sound insulation. Our acoustic panels work instantly and highly efficiently, they are extremely robust, odourless, allergy-friendly and recyclable.

Give us a call us or send us an email. We will be happy to advise you and find the ideal sound insulation for your premises!